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Gina & Michelle — Minted




Wedding Party

Joey O'Connell

Best Man

Joey and Gina have been the very best of friends since they were 5 years old, following the legacy of both their mothers who shared the same relationship. Joey embodies a beautiful soul with a dynamic personality. His unfailing generosity is well known as he would give you the shirt off his back if he found you in need. Music, a passion close to his heart, has brought joy and comfort to Joey his entire life. Joey also maintains interest in vintage cinema, fine dining and has a huge heart for the plight of all animals. Joey is a true renaissance man having a wealth of knowledge about diverse topics, a funny story always on deck to share and a jack at most trades. Let's just say if you were on a game show he is definitely your number 1 phone-a-friend choice for the win! Just a wonderful human being all around with a heart of gold, important in the heart of Gina, this day wouldn’t be complete without him!

Donna Lee Landy

Maid of Honor

Donna and Michelle have been best friends for over 20 years. Fast friends when meeting, they have journeyed life together ever since. Donna is simply a pure and beautiful soul. She finds joy and fulfillment in the creative arts - in particular, Donna loves music, literature and dance. Unique unto herself is indulging in spontaneous dancing especially when cleaning. Donna is well known for her devotion to her family, friends and community. She is passionate about her career and because of her awesome dedication and abilities has become a Vice President of lending with M&T bank. Donna is someone you want in your corner and they are very lucky to have her! Spontaneous road trips, concerts, births, graduations, holidays and too many celebrations to count are a short list of the memories. If Michelle is on the phone for more than 5 minutes it’s safe to say, Donna is too - She is family.

Debbie Colagiovanni


Gina's sister Deb is the middle child of the three. A passionate entrepreneur Deb is always looking for the next big thing and we have no doubt that she’ll find it! She is a great mom and sister. Deb spends her time loving life and joyfully experiencing the journey. It is not uncommon to find Deb carving a tree stump, creating a fairy wonderland or making amazing jewelry. Her positive energy is contagious and lights the way for many. Deb also enjoys nature and gardening. A princess growing up she had to have everything pink but recently green has become her favorite color. Being the middle child Deb is schooled at convincing both Gina and Chrissy that they are right when there is a quarrel and like the great sister she is will never admit that to either one. She is the balance of the three! Deb is light hearted living in the moment and always encouraging others to do the same.

Corey Corbett


Corey is Michelle's oldest child. He is not only an incredible son but a loving husband, brother, friend and father of two beautiful girls. God save his soul when those girls grow up! He has always been wildly creative and loves the arts. Theater, music, clay and drawing are some of his favorites. Corey puts those unique creative energies to use professionally constructing intricate displays with doughs, sugars and buttercream. He also employs that same imaginative talents while gaming in his downtime. Corey loves quality time with his beautiful wife, Emily. The two share a twisted sense of humor and many laughs! A proficient baker since age 5, Corey turned his passion into a career, currently managing several culinary departments on RPI campus. Corey gives an incredible hug, has an awesome smile and never lets his mother forget how big a heart can be, how a kind word can heal or just how old she is getting!

Chrissy Colagiovanni


Chrissy is Gina's youngest sister. She is a loving mother, nana and aunt. She is the old school Italian of the three always cooking, cleaning and yelling! Family is the most important thing to Chrissy and she provides the roots for this one. Her door is always open, coffee is always on and of course - there is always food on the table. She has the biggest heart and listens to anyone who comes to her door, telling you like it is with a smile and a hug. Chrissy’s two true loves are grandkids, Nico and Aria. Chrissy is an avid traveler enthusiastically exploring the world one trip at a time. She is also an adrenaline junkie and recently took a trip to Colorado Springs solely to ride the Terror Dactyl. For those of you aren’t familiar that would involve free falling 150 feet at 100 miles per hour off the edge of a cliff! (Um, hell no!) Beautiful inside and out Chrissy's infectious laugh and beautiful smile will capture your heart.

Jeremy DiCarmine


Jeremy is Michelle’s youngest child who has a beautiful heart, awesome personality and is always making people laugh with his great sense of humor. Recently relocating to South Carolina to pursue his dreams, he put his love for physical fitness and career as a personal trainer on hold to build a Nuclear power plant. Who would've guessed that one! Jeremy loves to travel and explore all the world has to offer. Visiting several countries at a young age provided him with a true appreciation for the variety in life. Jeremy is passionate about football, skiing, live music, his dogs the USA and pretty much anything fun - anywhere – anytime! Look for him on the dance floor where he is sure to be getting his groove on! Jeremy keeps his mother young at heart, on her game - she never knows what’s coming next and he’s a constant reminder to her that life is meant to be enjoyed, each and every day!

Julie Kennedy


Julie is one of Gina’s best friends. They met when Gina was working as a dental assistant in the late 90’s and quickly became inseparable. Jules, as Gina affectionately calls her, would come over once or twice a week to enjoy a home cooked meal, some laughs and great conversation. Julie has a very successful dental practice but is never too busy for a friend in need. A passionate animal lover Julie has a heart of gold making time in her busy schedule to volunteer for Boxer rescue. She has an inquisitive mind and adventurous spirit, always up for trying new things. Julie loves fast cars, the beach, music, dancing and farm-to-table food. While Gina was at basic training for the Army Julie sent her weekly care packages full of encouragement and bandaids and then flew out to hug her at graduation! Gina couldn’t have done it without her love and support. A true friend in every sense of the word and a very special lady!

Paul Santspree Jr


Paul Santspree Jr., affectionately known as P.J., is Michelle’s younger brother. He is loving, protective, loyal, and always the life of the party. He can rarely go out without running into someone he knows! PJ has a larger than life personality - people love to be with him! He enjoys Music - is an awesome D.J., Dancing - a contest winner, Art - a huge Salvador Dali fan, Cinema – yes, he’s that guy in trivial pursuit, Sports, spending time with friends and loving his family. P.J. and Michelle forged a special relationship early on, brother and sister for 9 years before Melanie crashed the party. P.J. currently works with Michelle and helps to support the family business. His work is known for unparalleled precision that you can trust and his meticulous care of every detail. He and his beautiful girlfriend Brittany are passionate about fostering pups in need- though they may have ended up keeping a few in the process!

Erica Andress


Erica is not only one of Gina’s best friend but a truly amazing soul. The proud owner of Nancy’s - a very successful flower shop in Juno Florida. Erica’s creative talents have served her well in business. Love, peace and joy through tropical flowers is most definitely Erica’s specialty. Gina and Erica spent their days off exploring Florida. There aren’t too many beaches and or tiki bars that they haven’t reviewed! They also loved to fish, attempt to surf (because chicks dig it), motorcycle rides, live concerts and people watch (secret code for checking out hot women). Erica loves to laugh and dance and may have the best moves on the dance floor for Cupid Slide! Erica is a caring, loyal, trustworthy beautiful woman with a heart of gold. She loves to spend time with her friends and is never without a smile. Her personality is a true representation of how Florida feels in Gina’s heart. Erica will always be family.

Herb Tedford


Herb is Michelle’s kindred son and Jeremy’s best friend. They met shortly after his arrival from Colorado and have been family ever since. Herb is a gentle giant with a heart of pure gold. He is loyal and fiercely protective of those he loves. He is always willing to help around the house and make sure to coerce Jeremy into assisting him. Herb is a talented basketball player and avid sports fan, constantly listening to barstool sports podcasts. Herb is a true American and a die-hard patriot who always stands for the National anthem and his country. A few of his passions are being a grill master, attending concerts, the beach and traveling. He can also be counted on for hitting the slot in Kan-Jam because - it’s just his thing! Herb is currently in South Carolina and works protecting the masses as a quality control inspector for a Nuclear power plant they're building. Michelle’s life just wouldn’t be complete without him.

Natalie Ermides


Natalie is Gina's battle buddy and kindred spirit. They didn't grow up together but immediately bonded as best buds. They joined the Army and went through basic training together. Yes, that included the gas chamber and stabbing things while running wildly through the woods with a bayonet, Hooah! Gina and Natalie always look for each other when they need an ear to listen or a consoling there-there thumb. They have spent many years getting together once a week for boi's night out to catch up, share some laughs, yummy chicken wings and a cold beer or two. Natalie loves adventure, traveling, the beach, her family and friends. There isn't anything these two can't tell one another as they have a judgment free zone relationship, are true friends and are forever family.

Melanie Santspree


Melanie is Michelle’s sister and the youngest of the three siblings. She is a dedicated mother, awesome sister and loving daughter. Although Michelle and Mel are 18 years a part in age they are very close in heart. When they get together it’s always non-stop laughs and an inevitable adventure! Mel, has a great sense of humor, loves to dance, write and travel. She’s also an incredible artist, creating beauty in everything she does be it painting, writing or stained glass, a talent she acquired from her mother. Melanie, an animal lover from birth was destined to be the accomplished veterinarian she is today. As testament to her dedication and compassion for all pets and their parents, Mel recently brought lap of love to the area, providing in home end-of-life care for our fur babies. She has dedicated her life to the comfort and dignity of our most pure of heart population. She is a true warrior.

Eva Corbett

Jr. Flower Girl

Eva is Michelle's 6-year old fabulous grand-daughter and the prettiest princess. You don’t have to tell her, she knows! Eva would love to live in a world where everything is pink, shoes appear from thin air, pretty dresses grew on trees, and everything came with a sparkle option! A true girl-friend, Eva is always ready to try on a new lip gloss, get a massage, laugh over a manicure, and have dinner at an exclusive restaurant with fancy linens. It’s funny because it’s true! Honestly one of a kind, Eva can also kick butt at karate. She loves to express herself through art, read, show off her star qualities singing and dancing, laugh at her own jokes and be the life of the party! Eva takes her job as a big sister to Natalie and cousin Liam very seriously. She is always there to lead, protect, love and drag them - everywhere. Her audacious personality and beautiful spirit will make this wild heart hard to capture- but Eva is worth it!

Nico Colagiovanni

Ring Bearer

Nico is Gina’s great Nephew and the incredible son of Anthony and Michaela. He is an amazing young man with a big heart and gorgeous smile. Nico is an old school Italian in training, a born leader and already skilled in the use of his hands while talking. A natural athlete, he loves to play soccer and run track. Nico is a family man, an amazing big brother who’s very protective of his little sister Aria. After his studies, you will find Nico eating peanut butter and crackers, playing video games, swimming or with his Dad at the family barber shop. Nico loves adventure! His latest trip was to Disney with his Nana where they explored Medieval times, Main Street, Mount Everett roller coaster and Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse! Nico is humble with a slow and steady personality. The world better watch out for this young man, he is destined for greatness.

Liam Jaskierney

Jr. Usher

Liam is the 7 year old son of Michelle’s little sister Melanie and her only nephew. He is a kind, creative, inquisitive little boy always ready for an adventure, willing to talk to anyone, try anything, eat almost any food, go anywhere and help anyone! As long as he is doing something with someone, he’s a happy boy. Liam enjoys being far older than his actual age, likely to refuse cake because he’s watching calories, tell you to watch out for the hot stove, or shake his head at the boy on a bike not wearing a helmet. Ultimately his favorite person to do this to is his mother! Liam holds a deep love for animals, music, art, people, science, history, yoga, downhill skiing, believes coloring should be a competitive sport, will wear black nail polish and is the only boy in his modern dance class. Liam has an ability to get along with just about everyone, you’d have to meet him to understand how special he is!

Natalie Corbett

Flower Girl

Natalie is Michelle’s enchanting 4-year-old grand-daughter. Her sweet personality and beautiful smile captures the hearts of all those around her, you just can’t help but love this girl! Natalie is gentle and loving. A natural caretaker, always there with a healing touch, gentle boo-boo kiss, or band-aid if you need! Natalie’s interests vary widely and while her plans of growing up to be a Mermaid are currently on hold she is actively pursuing being a Police Officer - who knows what the future holds for this one! Natalie’s sparkling blue eyes parallel the depths of heart. She has an infectious laugh and devilish smile. Natalie loves her family, doting on her parents (Corey and Emily) and learning from and playing with her big sister, Eva. When not in school, Natalie loves playing, dancing, twirling, reading, playing games, and riding her bike. With a sweet soul and fiery spirit Natalie is destined for great things in life!

Paul Santspree Sr.

Father of the Bride

Paul is Michelle’s father, and furthermore a best friend. Over 18 years time they have worked efficiently together creating success in their family business. Paul embodies a gentle soul that loves and cares for his family. He is an incredible father to his 3 children and dedicated husband to the love of his life, Barbara. Not one to sit still, you’ll never find him aging on a couch. His unbreakable spirit for living has resulted in a lifetime of memories for Michelle: horseback riding, watching football, coaching softball, volleyball, Herkimer diamond digging, girl scouts, and chilly Halloween nights are a small sampling. Paul’s patience, willingness to listen, encouragement, belief, and pride in Michelle’s entrepreneurial spirit that she inherited from him are a few of his gifts to her. Paul loves to listen to music, gamble, play cards, watch sports, travel, tease his grandchildren, have fun, laugh, spend time with his family and live the good life on Serenity beach in the Dominican Republic!